Interview and Video Techniques


Art of the In-Depth Interview
How to Record good Audio pg1
How to Record good Audio pg2
Video Camera Checklist
VIdeo Camera Visual Checklist

Reference Videos Worth Watching


Proper Positioning for an Interview Microphone lav

Types of Shot Anglespage12-page48_2


perepctive2Good lighting vs bad lighting (Smartphone light exampleperepctive

Three Types of Shots to Create a Sequence 3shots2

Additional Videos Reference 
How to Tell a Story Through Video
Interview Framing Techniques
Rule of Third
180 Degree Rule 

A Good sample story:
The Lemonade Kid

Video Text Help:
Video Resources
7 Do and Don’ts of Shooting Video on Point and Click Cameras
Video Tips for Still Photographers
Top Ten Mistakes of Rookie Filmmakers
Vimeo’s Video School 

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Youtube To MP3
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